Salon eve is a sustainable salon, powered through sustainable salons Australia, by beginning this new venture we are helping environmental waste become minimised. Salon waste in Australia currently is huge, so to help change our salon waste we have implemented this sustainable change. This change includes recycling hair, metals, plastics, broken hair tools, razors, coffee waste, chemicals, and much more.

Being apart of this amazing cause also allows us to be apart of supporting groups such as Oz Harvest supporting the homeless providing food and cancer research for kids with alopecia while providing hair ponytails to create wigs for the Variety Children’s Charity.

To help make all this a reality, a $2 green fee is applied to all services at Salon Eve to help with these amazing causes. The best way to sum this up is we are turning salon waste into valuable resources while giving back to the community.

We are excited about this new venture for our future at Salon Eve and we encourage this change for the up and coming generations to keep sustainability a priority.

Our team of amazing stylists look forward to lots of hair appointments and awesome new looks with our existing and future clientele.

xX Salon Eve xX